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Emergency Care

Visit the experienced team at Great Falls Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for any dental emergency you may be having in the Great Falls, VA area. We provide high-quality care for patients around the clock. Our professional team understands that dental emergencies can happen at any time and access to immediate care is of the utmost importance. Whether it’s a sudden accident or an unexpected cavity flare-up that has caused the emergency, you can trust us to see you right away to help you with any pain and to address the underlying issue. Our dental staff will make sure you’re well taken care of, and that the problem is fixed before you leave our facility.

The next time you suffer from a dental emergency in Great Falls, VA, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at703-759-4707; our staff members are always at the ready to handle any dental situation you may be in. We’ll see to it that you get the proper dental care right away so you’re never in pain for too long. Your comfort is important to us.

Traumatic Dental Injuries

Traumatic dental injuries can happen for any number of reasons, from a slip and fall to an accident during a sporting event. The very moment you experience a traumatic dental injury, you will increase your chances of saving the tooth by cleaning it gently with water then placing it either back into your tooth’s socket or in some cold milk.

After that, be sure to immediately pick up the phone and call the caring dentists at our office so we can begin to address your dental trauma as soon as possible. Trauma to any teeth is a true dental emergency because the more time goes by the lower the chances are we can save your tooth. If your mouth has been bleeding uncontrollably, we suggest you head directly to the ER, since it may indicate a much more serious problem.

For a same-day appointment call 703-759-4707.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be very intense, and it can interfere with your day-to-day life. If you have a tooth that’s been throbbing, contact the caring team at Great Falls Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Our dentists will make you comfortable as they fix the problem quickly for you. We’re here for you 24/7. Contact us today to get your same-day appointment by calling 703-759-4707.

Gum Emergencies

Have you accidentally hurt your gums and now it’s causing you excruciating pain? Our dentists know exactly how to treat your gums so you can eat and speak normally and comfortably again. To relieve pain before your appointment, you can rinse your gums with diluted salt water, and if there’s bleeding, press a clean, damp cloth to the area for 10 to 15 minutes. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, then it may be a sign of something more serious, so we’d suggest you go to the ER immediately. Otherwise, our dentists will see you as soon as possible!

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