Sedation Dentistry in Great Falls, VA

Free yourself of dental anxiety. Experience painless treatment.

Fear of the dentist shouldn’t limit your oral health. We can make you feel so relaxed, you’ll wonder why you felt anxious in the first place.

Sedation Dentistry in Great Falls, VA
Mon, 04/08/2019 - 15:00
Free yourself of dental anxiety. Experience painless treatment.

Why am I afraid to go to the dentist?

Whether you have had a prior bad dental experience, or you’re sensitive to treatment, being scared to go to the dentist is very common. You do not need to feel anxious about your dental appointments. If you feel like your best option is to put off your dental care, we can help you. Using sedation dentistry, we can help you relax, overcome anxiety and even block pain.

Do I need sedation dentistry?

Does the thought of getting into the dental chair paralyze you with fear and fill you with dread? If so, mild sedation may be a good choice for you. That’s because if you’re starting your appointment with some level of fear, you are likely to also be more hypersensitive to every sensation. Sedation will making you comfortable. Being relaxed at your dental appointment will help you be less sensitive to pain.

Can anyone be sedated at the dentist?

Before you’re approved for sedation, we will have a thorough consultation. By reviewing your complete health history, and medications we can make sure you are a candidate to be sedated in a safe manner.

What can I expect when I’m sedated?

Expect to feel relaxed. Once you’re approved for sedation, you’ll need to arrange for a ride to and from your appointment. Since some sedation medications take bit longer to wear off, it’s possible you may not even remember much of your appointment. When the medication wears off, patients often feel as though they have just woken up from a great nap.

What kind sedation will I need?

We have three different types of sedation medications available to our patients. The type chosen for you will depend on your medical history and the type of dental treatment you’re scheduled for.

  • Oral sedation: If you are afraid of needles, this type of sedation may be the perfect option for you! This medication is a small pill that is swallowed or dissolved underneath your tongue. You’ll often feel the effects of the oral sedation within minutes.
  • Inhalation conscious sedation: More commonly known as nitrous oxide or laughing gas, this sedation method is breathed in through your nose during treatment. Compared to other types of sedation, nitrous oxide is a great anti-anxiety medication. With nitrous oxide, you’ll be able to relax and not obsess over dental procedures.
  • IV conscious sedation: As the name implies, IV conscious sedation is administered through IV. This is usually reserved for major dental procedures.  

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