We're glad you're here!

We think everyone should feel great about their smile.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Northern Virginia, Dr. Mo Dahman operates a discrete, private dental practice with high standards for comprehensive care. Surround yourself in our serene relaxed atmosphere. Find your home at Great Falls Dentistry.

We're glad you're here!
Wed, 05/10/2017 - 15:16
We think everyone should feel great about their smile.

At Great Falls Dentistry, we provide comprehensive, goal oriented dental care designed around keeping our patients consistently healthy and forever smiling confidently.

Because of Dr. Dahman years of advanced and ongoing training in the latest cosmetic dental techniques he is able to help virtually anyone achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.  

With technical skill learned from some of the most prestigious dental schools in the country and gained from years of experience in the field, Dr. Dahman can help to restore your smile to its natural state. Solving difficult restorative and esthetic dental problems using the latest advanced dental procedures is what he enjoys most.   

While a cracked, broken or missing tooth may eventually need to be restored, because of our commitment to regular maintenance of your smile, our focus is on solving these issues early on, before they become bigger problems that require restorative care.  

Throughout life's stages, goals can change. At Great Falls Dentistry, we think everyone should feel great about their smile. We emphasize transparency and believe good dentistry should be unnoticeable. If you're coming in for a smile makeover, your result should look and feel as natural as possible. Through our cosmetic dental approach, we can ultimately provide you with the esthetics you've always dreamed about smiling with.

Great Care. Great Smiles.

Take your next step towards a healthier smile.

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"Great dentistry is a proprietary mix of science, art, integrity and heart. My patients honor me with their trust, and I take great pride in creating the most beautiful, comfortable and long-lasting smiles for them."

-Dr. Mo Dahman

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We are a Preferred Provider for most dental insurance networks. If you have dental insurance, your first visit is typically covered at a 100% in our office. We are currently accepting new patients.

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No problem. Ask us about a discounted new patient rate to help you get the care you need. Become a member of our in-house dental program to help you keep current with your dental services. Dr. Dahman understands the cost of not seeing a dentist.”

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