Periodontal Deep Cleaning in Great Falls, VA

Catching gum disease early on is important. Our tooth scaling and root planing removes areas of tarter that if left untreated would advance into periodontitis.

When plaque builds up below the gum line, it hardens into tartar and cannot be removed by brushing or flossing. A deep cleaning is needed to scrape the tarter from the tooth’s enamel before gum tissue and bone begin to deteriorate.

Can gum disease be cured?

Nearly half of the US Population over the age of 30 is affected by gum disease. Since there are different stages of gum disease, it’s important for Dr. Dahman to diagnose your stage and lay out steps needed for curing or prevent it from worsening. If you are looking for a gum disease cure, starting with a professional teeth deep cleaning and exam from Dr. Dahman is your best bet.

Is there a difference between a normal teeth cleaning and a deep cleaning?

During your regular teeth cleaning our hygienist focuses the bulk of your cleaning on the outer surfaces of the teeth, paying special attention to areas between teeth but above the gum line. A normal hygiene cleaning is usually scheduled as a general maintenance appointment for your teeth to keep them healthy. It will not be nearly as in-depth as a deep cleaning. A dental deep cleaning, on the other hand is a better treatment for advanced stages of gum disease. A deep cleaning focuses on problem causing tarter that has formed on tooth enamel, both below the gum line and above.

How much does a dental deep cleaning cost? 

The cost of a dental deep cleaning to address gum disease can vary depending on how many quadrants of the mouth need to be addressed. While there are always outliers, typically the cost of our dental deep cleaning treatments fall somewhere between $1,400–$1,500 for a full mouth deep cleaning. 

Will my dental insurance cover teeth deep cleaning? 

If you have dental insurance, they will likely cover a portion of your deep cleaning. However, most dental insurance policies have yearly maximums that may prevent you from getting the amount of treatment needed to resolve your situation. Depending on how good your dental insurance is, we find most of our patients end up paying between $183 and $972 out of pocket for a full mouth deep cleaning appointment. This is after your dental insurance.  

How to save 30% on your dental implant.

If you recently lost your dental insurance, or even if you have never had dental insurance, becoming a member of our dental savings plan can help you save big on scaling and root planing dental deep cleaning appointments. Patients with our Dental Savings Plan typically save around $430 on the regular cost of this treatment alone. If you’re considering a dental deep cleaning to help periodontal disease, and don't have dental insurance, our Dental Savings Plan is a great option. Unlike dental insurance, there is no waiting period and no limitations on the amount you can save.

Periodontal Deep Cleaning - Full Mouth Deep Cleaning

Typical Cost for Uninsured Patients with our Dental Savings Plan


Average savings of $430

Typical Cost with Insurance


(plus the premiums you pay all year long)

Typical Cash Patient


Patients with our dental savings plan save an average of $430 on dental deep cleanings. Your savings may vary based on treatment complexity.

Read more about how our dental savings plan can help you.

Results of Scaling and Root Planing

After deep cleaning, it’s normal to feel some type of soreness along the gum line. It’s important to brush and floss regularly and avoid tobacco as it can slow healing, and increase the risk of infection.

Following the scaling and root planing, inflammation, redness, and bleeding of the gums should slow. At normal follow up appointments, we will perform pocket readings to follow the state of your gums.

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