Root Canals in Great Falls, VA

More Comfortable than ever before.

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Root Canals in Great Falls, VA
Thu, 01/31/2019 - 21:01
More Comfortable than ever before.

Dr. Dahman believes the best approach to oral health is doing whatever possible to help you keep your natural teeth. Sometimes, having a root canal can be the only way to do this. Fortunately, technologies and techniques have made getting a root canal a much more comfortable experience.

before and after x ray of teeth with root canal and crown
First, he performed a precision root canal in the rear molar. He was then able to get proper root coverage and seamless repair of the root resorption. Lastly, he placed a new bonded crown to finish and protect the tooth. 
X-ray of before and after root canal
While the picture shows a properly completed root canal with tooth canals filled densely all the way to the apex of the root, the real skill here was in Dr. Dahman’s technical ability that was able to save the patient from the expense of a new crown.
xray of before and after root canal
Dr. Dahman diligence and exactness in root canal therapy are one of the reasons Great Falls Dentistry’s level of dentistry is well above what most other dentists and dental practices are able to achieve.  
x ray of before and after of a root canal
While many other dentists would refer this type of case to a specialist, Dr. Dahman’s high level of experience allowed him to complete treatment and relive the patients pain on the spot.

How do I know if I need a root canal?

Root canals are often the last resort to save a tooth when the nerve has become infected. This can often happens when a tooth has cracked or has deep decay. Since an abscessed tooth can quickly effect the health of your entire body, it’s important to fix dental issues as quickly as possible. If you feel you may have a tooth like this, call us before larger problems arise. If we catch problems early on, we can typically correct problems before a root canal is needed.

How long will my root canal take?

Most often, root canals can be done in one appointment. Occasionally, a root canal may take more than one appointment over a few weeks to allow proper healing. Dr. Dahman will help you plan your treatment schedule based on your individual need.

What can I expect from a root canal?

Getting a root canal shouldn’t cause you anxiety. The process is really quite simple.

  • First, Dr. Dahman will numb your tooth the same way done with a filling.
  • He will then remove the unhealthy nerve from your tooth along with any infection.
  • He will use special medication to treat any remaining bacteria and place a temporary filling on your tooth.
  • Your tooth is then given time to heal.
  • Once healed, Dr. Dahman will remove your filling and place a crown over it.

Do I need a crown with my root canal?

Yes, although a root canal can often be the only way to save a tooth, it also weakens it. Without a crown to strengthen and protect the tooth, it would otherwise be prone to fracture.  Once your crown is placed, you can care for your tooth with daily brushing and flossing.

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