Dental Veneers in Great Falls, VA

A total smile makeover is entirely possible. Our ultra thin, natural looking porcelain veneers are a conservative alternative to crowns. Veneers reshape and reimagine any smile! 

A perfect Hollywood style smile is no accident. Getting dental veneers to perfect an already nice smile used to be a treatment limited to the wealthy. Fortunately, now everyone can have a perfect smile. The popularity of social networks have caused an explosion in smile makeovers using dental veneers. A perfect smile, and the perfect instagram pictures everyone loves to look at go hand in hand.

Are you wondering how celebs get those fantastically white teeth?

Don’t assume they are born that way. They aren’t. The great news is the same process used by "A listers" isn’t as difficult as you might think. Using Veneers, Dr. Dahman can make the dramatic smile changes you’ve only dreamed of. Veneers can close gaps, repair chips, permanently whiten and straighten crooked teeth!

Why just fix your teeth, when you can transform your smile!

Think of Veneers as very thin thin sheets of porcelain that are shaped perfectly, colored and permanently bonded to your teeth to change the entire look of your smile. Dr. Dahman typically chooses dental veneers as the best cosmetic dental solution for altering a smile when he finds teeth are healthy enough to support them, because compared to crowns or dental implants, veneers are one of the most minimally invasive options available.

Veneers are another great reason to keep up with a good home care regimen. When teeth are healthy, veneers can be used instead of orthodontic treatment for subtle changes.

Do veneers look like regular teeth?

Veneers are virtually undetectable from normal teeth. They are so thin, they rely on underlying teeth for strength and since they are made from high quality porcelain material they are extremely resistant to discoloration and staining.

How durable are dental veneers?

With proper care, teeth veneers will brighten your smile for many years to come Dr. Dahman will ensure that your veneers are crafted from the highest quality porcelains and are bonded with the most advanced and proven materials available.

How much do dental veneers cost?

Since veneers needs to be individually custom fabricated, the cost of dental veneers are typically billed per tooth. While there are always some outliers, typically the cost of our dental veneers fall around $1,642 per tooth and can completely transform the look of your smile. 

Will my dental insurance cover my dental veneers? 

Dental Veneers are considered a cosmetic dental treatment. Because of this, it doesn’t matter how good your dental insurance may be, you’re dental veneers will not be covered. In fact, no dental insurance policy whatsoever, no matter how good it is, will pay towards dental veneers.

How to save 30% on your dental veneers.

If you recently lost your dental insurance, or even if you have never had dental insurance, becoming a member of our dental savings plan can help you save big on your dental veneers. Patients with our Dental Savings Plan typically save around $492 per tooth off of the regular cost of dental veneers alone. If you’re considering a smile makeover with dental veneers, our Dental Savings Plan is a great option. There is no waiting period and no limitations on the amount you can save.

Smile Makeover Dental Veneers (per tooth)

Typical Cost for Uninsured Patients with our Dental Savings Plan


Average savings of $492

Typical Cost with Insurance


(plus the premiums you pay all year long)

Typical Cash Patient


Patients with our dental savings plan save an average of $492 per tooth on dental Veneers. Your savings may vary.

Read more about how our dental savings plan can help you.

What to expect from your smile makeover appointment at Great Falls Dentistry

Because of the need to customize the shape and color of your veneers to match your unique esthetic goals,  veneers usually take about three appointments to complete. The first is used for planning. The second for prep and the third for bonding your new veneers to your smile.

First Appointment - Planning your Smile Makeover

At your first appointment Dr. Dahman will listen to your expectations and make sure veneers are your ideal treatment option. He will use the appointment to answer your questions and make you aware of any limitations  that could come into play based on your shape and color preferences. At Great Falls Dentistry, we have special modeling and computer imaging software Dr. Dahman will use to help you understand the design of your new smile.

Second Appointment - Preparing your Veneers

Depending on the extent of your smile makeover, your second appointment with Dr. Dahman may last longer than the first. Even though veneers are extremely thin, Dr. Dahman will very lightly etch your teeth to allow for this added thickness. Once etched, he will take a mold of your teeth and begin fabrication of your veneers.

Expect to leave your second appointment at Great Falls Dentistry with smiling, because you’ll receive temporary veneers to use while your permanent ones are being made.

Final Appointment - Finishing your new smile

When the big day arrives, Dr. Dahman will bond your new veneers onto your teeth checking for final fit and color then apply them using permanent cement bonding.

Caring for your new smile.

Brush and floss as you normally would with non-abrasive toothpaste. Don’t be scared to treat your veneers as you would your normal teeth. They will be strong and will do best with proper home care. Sensitivity to hot and cold is normal and should ease after a couple weeks.

If you think you may clench or grind your teeth at night, Dr. Dahman might recommend a soft night guard to where when sleeping. This has little to do with your new veneers as he recommends anyone in the habit of clenching or grinding their teeth when sleeping wear one to protect their teeth from unneeded wear.

Great Care. Great Smiles.

Take your next step towards a healthier smile.

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