No Pain Root Canals

This patient came in with a tooth that had a very large old silver filling that had cracked, exposing the nerve. Her tooth needed a root canal, however she had undergone a bad experience with root canal treatment by another dentist on the tooth in front of it. Her prior experience was, in fact, so bad that her old root canal was still painful to her.

The challenge in her case, was dealing with the extremely strong curvature of her roots. This type of curvature can make root canals very difficult.

As her x-rays show, the first root canal she had from her first dentist was indeed, not done well. In fact, the doctor’s The instruments had perforated the roots. This, caused the filler material to extrude into her bone and into her sinus cavity. The x-ray shows how the fillers did not follow the root anatomy, and are likely the cause of her ongoing pain.

Dr. Dahman’s work on the new root canal shows how proper technique and experience allows him to clean and fill even a 90 degree curved root perfectly. It’s a level of precision most dentists cannot come close to matching.

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