Bonding to Correct Proportion and Color

This patient had mismatched crowns on her front teeth. Two of her front teeth had very short, square crowns, while one had a crown that was much darker. She also had an implant crown that was much lighter and more square in shape. The shape of her teeth did not match the soft feminine shape of her face. Dr. Dahman’s challenge with this case was to correct the proportions of her teeth, while matching the different materials to each other and to her remaining natural teeth.

The solution was to use cosmetic bonding to increase the size of her canine teeth slightly while making off the darker color of her implant. Her gum line around her middle teeth was then lifted with laser contouring, and four new front crowns were made to match her natural teeth color. Adjusting these teeth to utilize correct proportions, immediately gave her teeth a softer and rounder look that enhanced the feminine appearance of her smile.

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