Dental Crowns in Great Falls, VA

Let the road to a beautiful smile lead you to Great Falls Dentistry.

 Restore tooth shape and strength while protect surrounding teeth. Getting a crown doesn't have to hurt or cause fear or anxiety. 

Dental Crowns in Great Falls, VA
Thu, 01/31/2019 - 21:45
Let the road to a beautiful smile lead you to Great Falls Dentistry.

Getting a crown shouldn't be something to fret about. It’s a relatively simple procedure and can typically be made completely painless using only regular anesthetic. Dr. Dahman use crowns and bridges and implants to strengthen and replace missing or damaged teeth where treatment applications are most fitting for our patient.

What to expect when getting a crown

Traditional crowns are designed to support the root structure of a natural tooth. Most often, Dr. Dahman chooses to treat his patients using dental crowns when he finds parts of a tooth are no longer healthy in areas that are highly visible. Using a crown allows Dr. Dahman to treat the decay, while maintaining the structure and root system of the natural tooth.

Getting a crown shouldn’t hurt. When you need a crown, Dr. Dahman will start by treating the damaged area of the tooth, and shaping the tooth structure so a cap can be placed over it. We’ll take an impression of your tooth and have a crown fabricated, typically from a very strong ceramic that allows us to get your tooth color, size and shape to look completely natural.

Dr. Dahman completes the process by fitting your new crown over your tooth. You won’t ever have to worry about your crown falling out because once it’s fitted, it’s permanent bonded to strengthen and support your tooth.

Can I get a crown if I'm missing a tooth?

As a matter of fact, you can still get a crown if you’re missing a tooth! Sometimes when a tooth is lost or needs to be removed, Dr. Dahman can use a bridge.

A dental bridges has at least three crowns. Two are placed on healthy teeth with the third in the middle to “bridge” the gap of the missing tooth. Utilizing bridges in this way can be a good alternative to dentures since they strengthen your existing teeth in a way that can prolong them.

Are caps used for dental implants the same as a normal crown?

When a tooth is missing, and a bridge isn’t the best option, you could still get a crown on a dental implant. While fabricated out of much the same strong ceramic material, an implant crown will have an abutment, or connector that Dr. Dahman will use to connect the crown to your actual dental implant.

Care for your dental crown

When Dr. Dahman places a crown, it will typically have edges that will go slightly underneath the gum line, making it look just like your natural teeth. Caring for it is easy. Same as your other teeth, use proper oral care at home by brushing, flossing and visiting Great Falls Dentistry for regular checkups. Once your crown is placed, whether it be on your tooth, by using a bridge, or to cap an implant, Dr. Dahman will provide you with personalized instructions based on your individual case.

In the end, you’ll have your eating functions restored. You’ll be smiling bigger and with more confidence.

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