Lower Crowns for Worn Teeth

This patient was suffering from old crowns on his upper front teeth that had become extremely rough and abrasive. Over the course of several years, the crowns on his top teeth had worn down his lower front teeth until there was virtually nothing left. His lower teeth had become an issue esthetically and were at risk of loss if the wear was allowed to continue.

To repair these worn lower teeth, Dr. Dahman restored the lost enamel using a thin layer of a very hard, bonded porcelain material.

Dr. Dahman was able to complete this patient’s full restoration in only two visits. The first visit allowed him to prepare the teeth for its new porcelain shells. Once prepared, a short second visit enabled him to bond the new shells in place.

The completed treatment to the lower teeth leave them looking completely natural and the bonded porcelain material Dr. Dahman selected will protect them from further accelerated wear.

This patient loved his esthetic result, and appreciated how easy the process was to restore his teeth. In fact, he has decided to also replace his old upper crowns with new ones in a future appointment.

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