Implant for Infected Tooth

This patient came in with an infected tooth. In this case the tooth was unable to be saved and needed to be extracted.  Once healed, Dr. Dahman was able to replace the extracted tooth with a dental implant.

During a followup visit, an implant post was precisely placed where the infected tooth used to be. Once the implant post was allowed to heal, a crown was placed atop the titanium post to complete the restoration.

Dr. Dahman was not only able to successfully restored the integrity and function of the patients smile from a prior extraction, he was also able to alleviated the pain the patient had been dealing with from his infected tooth.

While the need for a tooth extraction can occur due to anatomy, infection or many times wear, it doesn't have to be the end of a great smile. Dr. Dahman has restored the smiles of hundreds of patients using dental implants, and has the expertise to complete many of the toughest dental restorations scenarios right in his office.

An xray of Case 11 in progress

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