Great Smiles Gallery

Dr. Dahman has attained a level of mastery and precision many dentists are unable to achieve through an entire career. With his breadth of dental expertise in all aspects of dentistry, he has helped thousands of people improve their dental health.

Great Care & Great Smiles

Experience the highest level of precision dentistry.  

Great Falls Dentistry offers a comprehensive list of services other practices cannot match. Dr. Dahman has trained extensively at some of the most prestigious dental schools in the country. You'll feel confident in your dental treatment thanks to his ongoing training and level of knowledge.

Experience a higher level of dentistry.  

Our case photos show the clear difference you’ll find with Dr. Dahman's expertise and treatment capabilities.

His completed treatments include: 

  • Hundreds of successful dental implants
  • Hundreds of Invisalign cases 
  • Hundreds of removable bridges and appliances
  • Over 1,000 root canals
  • Over 1,000 teeth extractions
  • Over 10,000 restorative and cosmetic procedures, including crowns, veneers and esthetic fillings!