Implant for Failing Root Canal

This patient had an old root canal received from a prior dentist that was failing. It was extremely painful.

It was immediately apparent the tooth was no longer salvageable and the proper route was to extract and replace the tooth with a new dental implant.

First, Dr. Dahman removed the problem tooth and bone was then grafted in it’s place. This procedure only took a single one hour appointment. Once complete the graft was left to heal for 3 months. After healing Dr. Dahman placed the new implant under the gum line. This procedure was completed in a short 45 minute appointment. Once complete the patient’s implant was allowed to heal as normal for an additional 3 months.

Once healed, a new tooth was made and placed on the implant in two easy 30 minute appointments.

While this patient’s treatment may seem like a long and painful process, prescribed painkillers were only needed on the first day after the procedure!

These types of treatments are nothing to be afraid of and are almost always way easier than they may sound.

Case 02 xray process with a gap
Case 02 xray progress with a post
Case 02 X-ray in progress

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