Precision Root Canal Therapy

This patient had a cavity that went all the way into the nerve of the tooth and was in excruciating pain. The cavity was so deep, root canal therapy was needed. This root canal had to be extremely precise since it had to following difficult root curvature all the way down the root of the tooth.

Dr. Dahman was able to perform this difficult precision root canal and relieve this patient pain, in a single two-hour appointment. In that time he was also able to prep and place a temporary crown.

The final crown was placed in a second 30 minute appointment. Dr. Dahman’s porcelain crowns are such an accurate fit, patients find it hard to distinguish them from their natural tooth structures. He has mastered the ability to seamlessly blend the edges of the crown with normal tooth structure.

Best of all, he can do this all at his office. There is no need to go to multiple dentists or have multiple appointments to have this kind of excellent result.

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