Endo + Crowns for Failing Dentistry

This patient had an issue with a large, old silver filling that had caused his tooth to crack down to the nerve. His cracked tooth was extremely painful for him, especially when chewing.

The problem tooth we were dealing with had an improperly sized crown that had originally been fabricated too large.

A good portion of the patients tooth enamel had been shaved off by his prior dentist by mistake when he received his crown on the tooth behind it. That mistake had left the tooth too small, and extremely sensitive.

To solve the patients dental issues, Dr. Dahman first did a root canal to treat the irritated nerve. He then used a special bonded filling to both restore his proper tooth size and cover the exposed parts of the tooth causing the sensitivity. A properly sized crown was then made and placed to prevent crack in the tooth from splitting.

In the after picture, take notice of the precise fit on the edges of the crown and how they exactly match the tooth edges. When done correctly, this is precisely how proper a fitting crown should look.

The patients treatment took two appointments. The first appointment took approximately 3 hours, with a second followup dental appointment that lasted about an hour.

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