Tooth Extractions in Great Falls, VA

Dr. Dahman can help you navigate the appropriate approach for your comfort level for both surgical or non-surgical tooth extractions.

Even those with excellent dental upkeep may eventually find themselves in a situation where a tooth needs to be extracted. Typically there is no need to visit an expensive oral surgeon or specialist, because Dr. Dahman can perform most surgical and non-surgical tooth extractions right in our VA dental office. 

We provide the Great Falls, VA area with both surgical and non-surgical tooth extractions. 

While our first priority will always be to do whatever is possible to keep your natural teeth, sometimes a tooth extraction is unavoidable. 

While having a tooth "pulled" can seem scary, it is actually a very simple process. Dr. Dahman will walking you through every step of the tooth extraction. Thanks to things like anesthetics and even sedation can be made 100% painless. 

What is the difference between a surgical and non-surgical extraction

There are two main ways a tooth can be extracted. The first is a common non-surgical or simple extraction. In a non-surgical extraction, a tooth that is easily accessible and can be seen is extracted. 

A surgical dental extraction is required when a tooth cannot be seen. In a surgical dental extraction, a small incision into the tissue is necessary to get to the tooth before it can be removed. 

How much does it cost to have a tooth extracted?

The total cost of treatment when having a tooth pulled will vary depending on things like the location of the tooth and whether or not you need a simple or surgical extraction. While there are always outliers, typically the cost to extract a tooth at our office often falls somewhere between $243-$399. 

Will my dental insurance cover my tooth extraction? 

If you have dental insurance, they may cover a portion of your tooth extraction. However, a lot of it may depend on why you need to have the tooth pulled in the first place. Most dental insurance policies have exclusions like damage to teeth from natural wear, that can exclude you from coverage. 

Whether you need a non-surgical or surgical extraction, we find most dental insurances will help you cover a tooth extraction. Depending on the type of dental insurance you have, we find most of our patients end up paying between $22 and $232 out of pocket to have a tooth extracted. This is after their dental insurance.  

How to save 30% on your tooth extraction.

If you recently lost your dental insurance, or even if you have never had dental insurance, becoming a member of our dental savings plan can help you reduce the cost of your dental extraction. Patients with our Dental Savings Plan typically save around $72 for simple extractions and $119 on surgical extractions alone. If you need to have a tooth pulled, and don't have dental insurance, our Dental Savings Plan is a great option. Unlike dental insurance, there is no waiting period, no limitations on the amount you can save and it includes preventive care.

Surgical Tooth Extractions

Typical Cost for Uninsured Patients with our Dental Savings Plan


Average savings of $119

Typical Cost with Insurance


(plus the premiums you pay all year long)

Typical Cash Patient


Patients with our dental savings plan save an average of $119 on surgical tooth extractions. Your savings may vary based on treatment complexity.

Read more about how our dental savings plan can help you.

Is having a missing tooth bad?

Having a full set of teeth is ideal. Teeth support each other and surrounding bone. Biting, chewing become more difficult when you're missing a tooth. The longer you go without a tooth, the more bone structure in your jaw you will lose. This is why, even after an extraction, our priority is to help restore, and repair your smile. After your mouth has healed from your extraction, this will typically be accomplished with a dental implant, crown or bridge, right in our office. 

How soon can I eat after having a tooth pulled?

Care will differ for each individual. If you have a question about post extraction care, give us a call.

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