A Bonded Crown and Endo for a Problem Tooth

This patient had an array of issues with one of his teeth. First, he was progressively losing dentin and cementum through root resorption, he also had a dead nerve, and an abscess in his bone. To complicate matters, the tooth was located in a very difficult place to reach, in the back molars. While having this many problems in one tooth are often handled though an extraction and tooth replacement using an implant or bridge, Dr. Dahman was able to restore the patients existing tooth.

First, he performed a precision root canal in the rear molar. He was then able to get proper root coverage and seamless repair of the root resorption. Lastly, he placed a new bonded crown to finish and protect the tooth.  The end result looks exactly like a part of the remaining natural tooth.

An X-ray of case 08 in progress

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